Downloadable Extension

This extension kit is designed to fit the facade included in the November 2019 issue of Hornby Magazine. It allows you to create a half-relief structure that has great potential as a fiddle yard entry point or siding destination.

The basic dimension of the half-relief version are 540mm long x 90mm deep x 120mm high (to the top of the gables).

For "kit-bashing", the matching TX02 Brown Brick can be ordered from here:

Scalescenes Brown Brick Swatch

Printable transparency windows

Designed to be printed or colour copied on to special transparent or OHP film. Both laser and inkjet friendly transparency film is available from most office suppliers (generic brands are usually fine).

Other window options

Scaleglaze compatible finescale white screen-printed windows:

Scaleglaze 4x1 pack required

Scaleglaze 10x2 pack required