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T026b Industrial Chimney


At last a realistically proportioned chimney for your industrial scene, it’s an elegant addition or upgrade to your T026a Factory Warehouse or T024b Industrial B – Boilerhouse. With an extremely sturdy inner framework that easily supports its scale height ( 42m – 137ft), the kit includes:

  • Prototypical brickwork that correctly follows the slightly conical shape
  • Simple to cut out, simple to build elements
  • Easy to follow illustrated instructions
Please select scale and texture below:
OO scale
N Scale
Scalescenes Red Brick Swatch
Scalescenes Brown Brick Swatch
Scalescenes Cream Brick Swatch
Scalescenes London Brick
Scalescenes Dark Red Brick Swatch
Scalescenes Dark Brown Brick Swatch
Scalescenes Aged Red Brick Swatch
Scalescenes Aged Brown Brick Swatch
Scalescenes Aged Cream Brick Swatch
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Red Brick, Brown Brick, Cream Brick, London Brick, Dark Red Brick, Dark Brown Brick, Aged Red Brick, Aged Brown Brick, Aged Cream Brick