Detailing and Weathering Tips


Scaleglaze windows

Professionally screen-printed on to graphic arts industry quality 100 micron (0.1mm) 100 gsm clear film, Scaleglaze is a simple cost effective alternative to the cut-out and printable windows supplied in all Scalescenes kits.



Interior detailing
Adding surface texture
Chimney pots
Grime & Lime


As all the textures used in my kits are photographically based, most of the surfaces are 'pre-weathered' to a certain extent, so only a light application is really necessary for most scenes.

Both weathering powders and black and brown artist pastel dust work well. A very soft make-up brush is ideal to gently work the powder into the corners where grime usually accumulates. As with all good things it's pretty easy to over do it, so build up thin layers slowly, don’t over do it! Test the technique on a piece of scrap wall first.


Limescale is always very evident along retaining walls, around tunnels and under bridges. It can be easily added by gently running a soft white pastel or chalk over the surface of the wall, carefully following a brick course. Next use a cotton bud to lightly smear the pastel down the wall. Repeat the the process a few of times in each spot to add depth and then apply a light coat of artist's spray matt varnish (shake the can well prior to application).


Streaking can also be easily added by very lightly working blunt black and brown coloured pencils over the surface of the print in a downward motion. These streaks are then gently worked over using Tamiya Weathering Master pack B. It’s another quick and easy way to ‘tone down’ the richness of the print surface.


Moss & lichen