R003c CLASP Modular Building


The CLASP (Consortium of Local Authorities Special Programme) was an architectural system of prefabricated steel and concrete panel structures that were implemented by British Rail and local councils across England during the 1960s and 1970s.

Just like the real thing, this modular kit can be used to create station buildings, depot crew rooms, signalboxes and offices as well as sub-stations, schools, libraries and numerous other civic structures. The kit includes:

  • A handy selection of doors in colours to cover different eras and regions
  • A wide variety of authentic window and wall panel configurations
  • An easy to build system of internal walls and rigid roof section that results in a surprisingly sturdy structure
  • A variety of signs and posters (including BR, NSE, Regional Railways, Privatisation eras)
  • Drill points if you wish to add posts to the awning
  • The ability to add more levels (although the CLASP system was limited to a maximum of 4 storeys)

Check out our editable Diesel Depot Signs or Station Signs and Posterboards pack, just type in your station name and print! (includes compatible awning name fascias)

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